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I’m a freelance photographer and exhibition curator, artist and writer. From Lisbon, Portugal, now based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Passionate about working for NGOs in meaningful projects, collaborating with other artists and organizing exhibitions with impact. Some of my previous clients were:

My photos have been published, among others, in Le Monde Diplomatique, New Naratif, Revista Visão, Público P3, Southeast Asia Globe, Mekong Review, The CEO Magazine, Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia Daily, Khmer Times, Wapatoa, ChinaDaily, Le Petit Journal and AsiaLIFE Magazine.

I’ve collaborated in the past with organizations such as UNICEF, IOM – UN Migration, GIZ (the German international development agency), SHE Investments, Sevea Consultancy, Heinrich Boll Foundation, Friends International, Okra Solar, AusCam Freedom Project, Cambodian Living Arts’ Art4Peace festival, Metahouse Cultural Center, Wildlife Alliance, CEDT, Eco-soap Bank, Tamera Peace Research and Education Center, Health Care Volunteers International, Elom Rohingya Refugees Community Center, Aziza’s Place, Train Time, Damnok Toek (Goutte d’ Eau – Cambodia) and Marine Conservation Cambodia.

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NGO Stories & Art Projects

Past exhibitions

37 From Disability to Visibility – Factory Phnom Penh Artspace (February, 2021)
36 Srey 2021, Group exhibition Art 4 Women : Women 4 Art – Metahouse (January, 2021)
35 Coming Back, online exhibition for IOM – U.N. Migration (December, 2020)
34 Jungle on my Mind, at the Cambodian Wildlife Photo and Film Festival, Siem Reap (September, 2020)
33 Chain>Action, an installation of photos on masks for the Covid19-related exhibition “You’re not alone” by InSTEDD (September, 2020)
32 The 70 years of friendship in my eyes, commission exhibition for the Royal Thai Embassy in Cambodia – FT Gallery, The Factory Phnom Penh (September, 2020)
31 I can feel you in colors – a visual letter to Cambodia – House of Scott (March, 2020)
30 #NatureIsFemale, as part of Our Love for Women – Le Boutier (March, 2020)
29 The New Apsaras – Plantation Hotel (February, 2020)
28 EDJAI, in collaboration with HBS Foundation – Bophana Center (January, 2020)
27 Book launch of Plastic Atlas, with HBS Foundation – Metahouse (December, 2019)
26 Jungle on my mind, in collaboration with Wildlife Alliance – 5DM (December, 2019)
25 Throwing seeds to the world, hoping the wind will bring them to your gardens – HeyHey (November, 2019)
24 Joss Vines street exhibition and art installation, as part of the Microgalleries’ Disrupting Climate Disruption: a Global Day of Action – BKK3 area in Phnom Penh (September, 2019)
23 Joss Vines at the Waste Summit 2019 – The Factory Phnom Penh (September, 2019)
22 Links between clean energy and agriculture in Cambodia, exhibition commissioned by Sevea Consultancy and sponsored by the British Embassy
21 Plastic Kingdom, different views on waste and ecology in Cambodia – Metahouse Cultural Center, Phnom Penh (December, 2018)
20 Commissioned exhibition for Sevea Consultancy – Institute of Technology of Cambodia (December, 2018)
19 Squatters of Phnom Penh, as part of Un/Cover – Metahouse (October, 2018)
18 Phsar Art Group exhibition – Plantation Hotel (October, 2018)
17 HabiTACT – Plantation Hotel (October, 2018)
16 Dragons Never Die (w/ Flori Green, Chris Schiltz) – The Bodleian (October, 2018)
15 Open your I (with Chamomile Diddell) – Neverland Artspace (September, 2018)
14 Kairos, collection of everyday life encounters w/ philosophy – Artillery (July, 2018)
13 The city is a playground (w/ Flori Green, Eric Gu) – Plantation Hotel (June, 2018)
12 From roots to eternity, desire to clouds – Strangefruit & Jam, Siem Reap (May, 2018)
11 IdentiCity – Metahouse Cultural Center (April, 2018)
10 Retro-Tropical-Cambo-Kitsch – Chinese House, Phnom Penh (March, 2018)
9 The Sound of Silence – street art installation, Phnom Penh (March, 2018)
8 From roots to eternity, desire to clouds – Intercontinental Hotel Phnom Penh (January, 2018)
7 My City (with painter Rena Chheang) – The Cloud (December, 2017)
6 Collective paste-up street art exhibition – BKK streets, Phnom Penh (November, 2017)
5 Distance in everything, the everything in me – BookishBazaar, Kampot (June, 2017)
4 Do you mind to feed your goats again? (Untruth of the image) – LBar, PP (June, 2017)
3 I AM THE FIVE – The Mansion, Phnom Penh (May, 2017)
2 People with stories inside & In search of the imperfect – Kampot Readers and Writers Festival (November, 2016)
1 Is there a possibility of digital Lomo? – Battambang Digital Arts Festival (July, 2016)

On the media

33 From Disability to Visibility “We can do everything any other person can do” – in WhatsOnPhnomPenh (February, 2021)
32 Invisible artists now exhibitable – in PhnomPenhPost & PostKhmer (February, 2021)
31 Bewacht und beschützt durch Ting Mong – in Suedostasien (February 2021)
30 Art fair to show best works in Kingdom – in Phnom Penh Post (January, 2021)
29 Putting migrant workers at the heart of Covid-19 recovery – in Southeast Asia Globe (December, 2020)
28 The photo exhibit 70 Years of Friendship in My Eyes honors Thai-Cambodian relations – in Phnom Penh Post (September, 2020)
27 Portuguese photographer contributes to the Kingdom, a COVID19 response campaign – in Phnom Penh Post (June, 2020)
26 Every day stories of survival during the Covid19 crisis, a report from the streets of Phnom Penh – in Heinrich Boll Foundation’s website (May, 2020)
25 Scarecrowna, A variation on dealing with Covid-19 in Cambodia – in Heinrich Boll Foundation’s website (May, 2020)
24 Exploring the social impact of Cambodia’s garment sector – in China Daily (February, 2020)
23 The New Apsaras: Exploring the social impact of Kingdom’s garment industry – in Phnom Penh Post (February, 2020)
22 The New Apsaras & More Than Human – in Sabay News (February, 2020)
21 Les edjaïs, ramasseurs de déchets et rouages du recyclage au Cambodge – in LePetitJournal (January, 2020)
20 Celebrating Phnom Penh’s unsung heroes – in Phnom Penh Post (January, 2020)
19 EDJAIS: Invisible soldiers of Phnom Penh – in Khmer Times (January, 2020)
18 Exhibition EDJAI at Bophana Center – in BayonTV (January, 2020)
17 Beating the odds: Stephane Pariente – in CEO Magazine (December, 2019)
16 Life in the Koh Kong jungle through the eyes of forest rangers – in Phnom Penh Post (December, 2019)
15 Jungle on my mind, by Miguel Jeronimo – in Wapatoa (December, 2019)
14 Japanese expertise: Takashi Eguchi – in CEO Magazine (November, 2019)
13 Plastic Kingdom: Cambodia’s Recycling Trail – in New Naratif (October, 2019)
12 Connecting Cambodia: Ian Watson – in CEO Magazine (October, 2019)
11 Soldados Invisíveis, informal waste pickers – in Público P3 (July, 2019)
10 Article on Rohingya Refugees in KL – in Southeast Asia Globe (May, 2019)
9 Plastic Kingdom – published in Southeast Asia Globe, Phnom Penh Post, Wapatoa, Khmer Times and RFI (December, 2018)
8 Dragons Never Die – in Khmer Times (October, 2018)
7 Open your I – in Khmer Times (September, 2018)
6 IdentiCity – in Le Monde Diplomatique (July, 2018)
5 Exhibit takes on city’s identity – in Phnom Penh Post (April, 2018)
4 Retro-Tropical-Cambo-Kitsch – in Phnom Penh Post (March, 2018)
3 An exhibition of contrasts – in Khmer Times (December, 2017)
2 Squatters of Phnom Penh – in AsiaLIFE magazine (June, 2017)
1 I AM THE FIVE – published in Visão Magazine, Mekong Review, UnFrame, Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia Daily, RFI, Social Documentary Network (April and May, 2017)