My Tribe My Photos (India)

A participatory photography project: digital photos by me and analog photos by Pooja Dzado, a married fifteen years old girl from a Katkari tribe in India, in order to see what this indigenous community through their own eyes and their everyday life when there are no outsides in the village. With the help of Rajat Nayyar from EspiritoKashi (more of his work at we made a photography workshop in Gandhi Nagar hamlet (Satara, India), and inspired her to portrait her family and friends, her hamlet, traditions and what does it mean to be a member of a Katkari tribe.
Acknowledgment to Shramik and Sapana for the work on the field with these tribes.

(Photos 1-5 by me, 7-20 by Pooja or other members from the tribe)

IMG_4770 IMG_4760_2 IMG_4765 IMG_4774 IMG_4779





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