The word photography literally means writing with light. In this series of photos, images are composed not in a computer but in the ‘real’ world, purely of non-existing entities with the camera on long exposure, using simple leds to create illusions. Recording things that don’t exist beyond the combination of lights, time and the visual information coming in the lenses and printing lasting lies in a camera’s digital chip. Perhaps a metaphor for how our brain perceives the world around us, not as an objective truth but rather a convincing interface to navigate a reality that, without symbols and fictions, would be impossible to take in. Think of your consciousness as a virtual reality headset, creating a surrounding environment — and even a sense of agency — easier to digest than the chaos of randomness and atoms that the universe out there is actually made from.

Nevertheless, even if palpable, nothing of what we see is anything rather than just perception, biased and created through the lenses of our own past experiences, lived together in the intimacy or our own lives as a lofty but functional collective mirage.

Seeing is always an act of creation. Photography as well.

The Fundamental Furniture of Reality